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  • WebNetNaira GoodyBag


    With WebNetNaira GoodyBag, you can earn 100% Return On Investment (ROI) as a gift for every amount of money you send to another member as a gift. The GoodyBag is a special platform where members show each other LOVE through money Gifting. We are not a money doubling Agency neither are we a bank.

    Let's take for example, you send a money Gift of N10,000 to another member which the system will match you to, once the person confirms that he/she has received the money gift, you will be matched by the system with two people who will also send you a Gift of N10,000 each.

    The GoodyBag package can change your life and give you the dream live you wish to live. Login to your account with your username & Password to request to send someone a gift.
    WebNetNaira GoodBag is for all registered member of WebNetNaira who are on Whatsapp.

  • You cannot be in WebNetNaira GoodyBag for One year and remain poor.
    See this example:
    Send N30,000 to a member as a Gift. Within 15 working days, system will match you with 2 people to Gift you N30,000 each. Thereby making a profit of N60,000 monthly.


    WebNetNaira GoodyBag Secured is a new package of N30,000 with a re-cycle policy. You get paid in 15 working days. The recycle policy also cuts accross the existing N10,000 package.

    As The policy name implies, GoodyBag secured, The policy is structured to ensure that every member who have sent a gift is guaranteed of receiving their own gift. The policy totally eradicates the notion of planning to HIT and RUN away from the program. So if you are thinking about collecting from the system and not giving back, then this is not a platform for you and we are glad to let you know that it is impossible for you to achieve that aim. This is a platform that ensures everyone keeps Sending and Receiving Gifts Continuously for a very long time.


    EXAMPLE: When you send a gift of N30,000 to another member. The system will match you with 2 members to send you same gift of N30,000 each within 15 working days. Your first match to receive a gift will come within 1-10days, then your second match will ONLY come when you recycle back into the system same about. As soon as you recycle, it starts getting matured immediately and your second match to receive a gift of N30,000 will then appear on your dashboard. Receiving a Total of N60,000 while your initial recycled N30,000 matures.
  • So there is no way any member can HIT and RUN away because you will need to recycle before your 2nd Gift shows on your dashboard. This also applies to the N10,000 Package ensuring the safety of all members in the GoodyBag platform.


    GoodyBag started on the 1st of March 2017. That was the day we started matching members to Gift each other. And was upgraded to GoodyBag secured on April 3rd. As at 1st JUNE 2017, there are over 1500 members enjoying the program. It keep growing daily.

    1) All you need to do is download WHATSAPP on your device >>Register on our website>>Login to your account with your username and password >>Click on the GoodyBag dashboard link >>Make a request to send a gift. Admin gets and processes your request. In few hours, you will be contacted via email and Whatsapp as you will be on system queue to be matched to send someone a Gift.

    2) CONFIRMATION OF PAYMENTS: A Receiver will be the one to confirm a sender. Receiver will send a whatsapp confirmation message asking the admin to confirm his sender ONLY upon receiving payment. Confirmation is done between Our admin and the receiver. Once admin gets the confirmation message, he will confirm the sender and the sender will be qualified to receive his/her own gift. For example; Peter is matched to pay John, Once John receives the payment, he will go to admin to confirm Peters's payment. Only on confirmation will a sender be qualified to receive a Gift.

    3) MOBILE BANKING and INTERNET BANKING: Please note that it's important you operate on any of the above banking platform to enable swift and smooth flow of sending and receiving a Gift. Sending and receiving a gift must be done within 24hrs of been matched to the person.


    Currently donation plan is N10,000 and N30,000. We understand lot of people would want to come in with HUGE amount of money but the risk is not marginal. Keeping it at N10,000 and N30,000 makes it easy for all participants to send/receive a Gift. Please do not join the GoodyBag Package if you are not ready to send a Gift to another member.

    You get paid 5% refferal earnings from every donation your refferals make BUT ONLY activated members of WebNetNaira program will enjoy this reward. Click Here To Activate Your Account

    You are automatically recycled into the system once you receive your gift. So you don't need to go and re-click the "Join GoodyBag" button again. Recycling is very important as this is what keeps the system going and to last long. Once you are recycled to gift a person and your refuse to send the gift, your account will be deleted after 24hrs

    All members have a notice board on their goodybag dashboard where information is released at all times.

    1) We have been running the WebNetNaira program since 2010.We have a grate experience in running networking businesses. The GoodyBag was created inline with our goal to helping our members make money online and to achieve their dream life.

    2) The GoodyBag program does not require maintainace or crash like other sites that are out there to rip you off your hard earned money.

    3) Quick match and re-match

    4) Instant Payment and No delay in Confirmation

    5) 24/7 online assistance