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  • How To Register To Become A Member

    Becoming a member is very easy. You need a username of an already registered member to become a member of WebNetNaira, meaning that someone has to refer you to the program. WebNetNnaira has a lot of members if you search on Google. But to save you the stress of searching for a referral username to use Click Here. Below are the necessary criteria’s that must be met before you create your account.

    • You must have a valid referal username of an already registered member of WebNetNaira to continue with your registration. Someone has to refer you either via a link or username before you will be able complete your registration.
    • You must have a valid Nigerian bank account where your weekly earnings will be deposited. WebNetNaira does not allow 1 bank account to be used by 2 or more members. Every member must have his/her own bank account to receive payment.
    • You must also have a Voguepay account if you wish to receive your payments outside Nigeria. Click here to register your Voguepay account.
    • You must have a valid email address. WebNetNaira uses mostly email to communicate with her members.