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  • Our Compensation Plan


    Your Powerlines are the direct people you are referring into the program. We pay N2000 for every 1 Powerline you make. Before they become your Powerlines, they (your refferals) will have to complete their registration on the program using your username or your referral link. Our Powerline payments are paid directly to all members registered bank account with us. Our payment days are every Tuesdays and Wednesdays of Every week. Imagine you are making at least 3 referrals per day, at the end of the week, you will be paid N6,000 (Six thousand Naira) to your bank account. That's how simple it is.


    Your Downlines are the people your Powerlines are refering to the program. Of course the people you have referred will also want to refer people so that they too will earn. As they do that, indirectly they are making Downlines for you. WebNetNaira pays N400 for every Downline that is registered to your account. So when you refer your Powerlines, you will have to encourage them to refer people so that they too will earn, as they do that, indirectly you are smiling to the bank as you will get N400 each for every Downline. Now imagine you have at least 10 Powelines and all of them are referring people to the program. Each time your Powerlines refers another, you are paid N400. Immediately your Downlines completes 5, your payment of N2,000 will be made to you. Note: Your downline payments are only paid to you when your 5 Downlines are completed in your member area.