Where you place your refferal link will determine how fast you will earn money on the WebNetNaira Program.  I will share with you today, secret s of how you can start sharing your refferal link to get more people to join you.

Before we start, let see how we can get our referral link in our WebNetNaira account. Every registered member of the WebNetNaira program has a refferal link. You can get you refferal link when logged in your WebNetNaira account with your username and Password.  When logged into your account, you will have to click on the link that says CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR REFERAL LINK.

Your refferal link looks like this :

We also have image banners referral links; these are for bloggers and website owners to copy and paste the code in their blogs or websites.

Now that you know how to get your refferal link. You can now proceed  to copy and paste it in different places online so that people will click on it and you become their refferal. Once this registered people get their account activated after registration, you get paid N2000.

Before you start posting your refferal links, you would need  to hide your refferal link behind the wall to make it look attractive. I call this HIDING BEHIND THE WALL. 

Hiding Behind The Wall is a process to shortening your referral link, making it look beautiful and attractive to be clickable.

Nobody would like to click on a link that looks like this:

But everyone would like to click a link that looks like this:

Take note: Both links are the same but i only just made it look beautiful and shortened.

Reason is because they would love to see where the link is taking them to. When you Hide Behind The Wall (shorten your link), you have every tendency of getting more clicks and more click means more registration and more registration means more money for you. Lets look at how we can hide our referral link behind the wall so as to get more clicks.

Step1: Visit This is a link shortner website owned by Google. Though we have a lot of link shortner websites but I prefer to use this website owned by google because it will analyse your links by telling you how many clicks you have per day and where the clicks are coming from. But for your to be able to see your analysis, you must be logged into your account with your Gmail email address

Step2: Proceed to your WebNetNaira and copy your referral link. Paste it into the box at and click on SHORTEN URL. It will shorten your referral link to something beautiful as this for example. Everyone has his own unique shortner link Url. When you insert your link, it will generate your own shorten link URL for you. You are expected to copy the shortened link and start posting online.

If you have any question about this tutorial, drop it in the comment box and I will reply.



  1. Pls, i was trying to apply the procedure to shorten my link at Google Shorten Url. I was asked to take recapthca, what do they mean?

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