How To Setup A WebNetNaira Account

Here are the following step to get your account started

 Step 1: Your first step is to head to our website and register. Click here to Register

Step2: If you are reffered to the registration page via a search engine, then you will be required to provide the username of the person who has reffered you to the program in the box and because you were reffered via search engine, you wouldn’t have a referer, so we advice you to use the default username of the program which is WebNetNaira to complete your registration. But if someone has reffered you to the program, you are expected to type in the person username or click on the persons refferal link. Once you pass this stage..Its step 3.


Step3: Now you are at the registration page, you are expected to retype the username of the person of reffered you from step 2. Then complete the entire registration buy filling the required field. Make sure all entries are field accurately. Once your complete the registration, a Thank you page you show up and you are expected to login to your account to confirm if everything went well and if not, you are expected to edit your account.


Step 4: Once you verify the account and all is fine. You are expected to get your account ACTIVATED. Click here to learn how to activate your account.

Step: Once your account is activated. You are opened to all the benefits of the program. You will have access to download materials, sell our softwares, reffer to earn and lots more.

If you have further question, you can contact us via our email or SMS.


    1. Hi Silvanus, Simply login to your account and apply for the Goodybag by clicking on the appropriate link. After that, you will get a follow up mail. Thanks

  1. Good day sir, what of the system rematch someone to pay and the person refuse, what will happen to the person to be paid to as some people will like to play hit and run, thereby causing the system to crash as this will create fear on people

  2. what of when there is no one to rematch the person to be paid, what will happen bcos this is what is holding mmm, receivers more than the givers

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