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Welcome to WebNetNaira. My name is Ofem Ina and I am the Director of WebNetNaira Enterprise. The WebNetNaira program was launched in October 2010 and bac then, we had our office in Tinapa, Calabar, Cross River State and in 2014 we moved our office to Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Ever since the lunch of the program, we have received a positive response. A lot of Nigerians embraced the program and that  gave us the desire to improve on the program. WebNetNaira has touched the lives of over 20 thousand Nigerians. We currently (2016) have over 40 thousand registered Nigerians and over 20 thousand activated members on the program. The aim of the program is to see every Nigerian leverage the internet, earning from the internet. We have added a lot of other programs to assist our members in expanding their monthly income.

We constantly add more programs that we feel are beneficial to our members. Currently here are the various ways you can make money weekly with WebNetNaira.

1. WebNetNaira Refferal: This is a part of the WebNetNaira program where you earn through the referral system. For every referral introduced, N2000 is earned. Referrals are known as Powerlines and also an extra N400 earning is received when your Powerlines introduces a new refferal which is known as your Downline.


2. WebNetNaira Downloads: This is a part of WebNetNaira program where members go to download materials that will teach them how to start other online and offline businesses. The most beautiful thing is that, these materials all have RESELLERS right. That is, you can resell the material after downloading at your own convenient price. You will get materials that will teach you how to start; import/export businesses, generating recharge cards for sale etc.


3. WebNetNaira Softwares: This program on the WebNetNaira Platform enables our members to start making money selling our software’s. We currently have 2 software’s uploaded in the member’s area. They are THE SCHOOL MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE for schools (Primary & Secondary) and THE SUPER HOTEL BOOKING SYSTEM for hotels. These are 2 powerful softwares with a very large market. Login to your account for full details of each software


4.WebNetNaira Student: This is a platform where students on the WebNetNaira Platform can go to download academic materials for their final year projects, term papers, assignments etc. Members can also become a writers to earn extra income by writing academic projects for students at their own service charge.


5. We would keep adding more and more programs.


Our goal is to see every African leverage the internet as a money making venture. The more you earn, the more we know our work is not in vain. Please keep supporting the program as ideas and contributions are always welcomed.

From my office, I wish you all the best.

Ofem Ina

C.E.O WebNetNaira Enterprise

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