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  • Activate Account

    To enjoy the 100% full benefits of the program, members *MUST get their account activated at any branch of GTbank in Nigeria OR use the interswitch platform in the members area when logged in. Once an account is activated, the account will automatically have access to receiving our weekly payments, Goodybag refferal bonuses and also enjoy free downloads in the member's area. WebNetNaira will always send activated members tutorials via their registered emails teaching them how they can get referrals easily using Facebook, Forums, SMS, Email a friend, etc.


  • METHOD 1 (Interswitch Method): Log In To Your WebNetNaira Account To Make Payment With Your Verve Card, Master Card, Visa Card or Interswitch. Activation Fee Using This Interswitch Method is Three Thousand and one hundred Naira. (N 3,100). NOTE: Please copy your transaction number during the process. It is very importance As You will use it to activate your account if your payment is sucessful.
  • METHOD 2 (Bank Payment): Go to any branch of Gurantee Trust Bank (GTB) and pay in your activation fee of N3,050 into our company bank account name & number below. We also accept bank transffers. After payment, come back and fill in your bank (teller) details for verification. If you made a transffer, send us a mail or SMS. After payment, come back and fill in your bank (teller) details for verification. As soon as your payment is verified by our Admin, your account shall be activated in your member area.
    Gurantee Trust Bank (GTB)
    Acct No.
  • METHOD 3 (VoguePay): Voguepay is an international payment processing company. You can activate your account by making a direct deposit into our Voguepay account email : Once payment is made, we will be alerted and your account will be activated.