WebNetNaira Goes Global

Total 2017 Payouts: N3,006,000

Members Count: 50,100 Activated Account: 25,424

Oct 2017 Payout: 202,000


WebNetNaira is a Global financial empowerment scheme program designed to help anybody including a newbie to start making money online instantly. WebNetNaira Program was designed since 2006 but was fully functional in 2010 to help her members eliminate poverty and to create funds to help carry out some financial projects. WebNetNaira has come in a new dimension as we keep lunching new programs to better enhance the lives of our members. We have luched a new program; WebNetNaira Online Training Center. This is an online training section of the program where our members can go to get more knowledge and business insights on how to start an online/offline business. Looking at the way the country is going, there is not doubt that everyone needs to provide a way of living for himself as the government has FAILED it's people.


You need a system that guarantees you a residual income. A residual income is a type of income that is sure of coming to you daily, weekly or monthly. At WebNetNaira Online Tutorial Center, you will have access to our online trainers that will guide you on how start making money online doing real internet/offline businesses that guarantees you a steady flow of income. Click Here To Login and have access to see the available online businesses to get you started Today.


Helping our members use the internet as a tool to making money online globally is our priority. That is why we have a download libray section where all members can go to download genuine business resource ebooks, videos and software that will help them get started with the most current working online/offline business strategies of making money. Some of the ebooks includes; (i) How to start generating recharge cards for sell (ii) How to start importation and exportation business (iii) How to start buying local food stuffs in trucks and selling to retailers e.t.c. CLICK HERE TO START YOUR DOWNLOADS


WebNetNaira Training


It is researched that only 30% of people who go online actually make money online. That is why WebNetNaira has put in place this systems to give you the opportunity to leverage the internet and to create automated wealth. WebNetNaira is a social networking membership website that gives her members the opportunity to make wealth from the internet through it referral scheme. We also have business softwares uploaded to our members area where members can download to sell. The software are (i) Online School Management System (ii) Online Hotel Booking system. Selling each of these software guarantees you a steady and life-time income because you keep earning as long as your customers keep using them. Click here to learn about our software products.


WebNetNaira will help you earn enough money to run through your financial hazzles. Click here to REGISTER to become a member and to start earning.


WebNetNaira Register



Benefits To Enjoy





- You will have access to our online training center with onlinr traing tutors waiting to assist you get started.

- You get paid N2000 instantly each time you reffer people (Powerlines) to WebNetNaira and they register.

- You get paid an EXTRA N400 each time your Powerline register under your powerlines.

- You get a life-time payment of N15,000 - N50,000 selling our business software in your locality.

- Become a Writer to earn more & download materials for your Final year project, Term Paper, Assignment etc. Click Here To Learn How

- You will have access to download business materials in the download section that will teach/help you to start other genuine online/offline businesses.CLICK HERE TO START YOUR DOWNLOADS






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Shortly about us

WebNetNaira is a Networking company that has existed since 2010 with over 40,000 registered members.
Over the past 6 years, we have paid out over N8.6 million Naira to members. We are still growing and expanding and making sure all our members leverage the internet maximally by making money online. We keep innovating new strategies that will in turn favour our members. We hope to help reduce poverty in Nigeria to 3%. Thanks for been with us. Contact us if you have better ideas to how we can make the service better. Keep reffering, Keep earning.

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